FZV30 rat bait station

Rat control in the sewer system - without environmental impact.

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Product description

The methods previously used for controlling rats in the sewer system have led to highly toxic substances very largely not being degraded and so remaining in the environmental cycle.

As a result, the German Federal Environment Agency has issued new rules specifying that rat baits must be used in such a way that they do not come into contact with (waste)water or are not washed away. This is why the FZV30 rat bait station has been developed in close cooperation with experienced pest controllers.

The diving bell-inspired design means that the poison bait in the FZV30 always stays dry. Even if the sewer floods, no rat poison can enter the water cycle. The feed retainer prevents poison bait from getting into the sewer, while the condensate drain stops condensation from building up.

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  • Legally certain and statutorily compliant rat control in the sewer system
  • No contact between bait and water - no environmental impact
  • Convenient bait loading and inspection from street level
  • Bait and attractants securely fastened in the cap
  • Variable and application-specific mounting options
    (e.g. even in sloping berms)
  • Bait does not wash away, move to and fro or float if the manhole floods
  • Robust HD-PE and stainless steel construction with no moving parts
  • Not damaged by high-pressure sewer cleaning
  • Compliant with general accident prevention regulations
  • Extensive range of accessories

FZV30 rat bait station


FZV30 telescopic pole set for easy operation

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A strong magnet fixes the lid in the union key


Positioning the rat bait station in the shaft