Solutions for odour problemsCompact, effective and environmentally friendly.

Sewer odours are unpleasant and affect well-being. Depending on concentration, they can even pose risk to health. Ventilating the sewer system can really put the brakes on this process while simultaneously reducing odour emissions. The COALSI system solution combines physical, chemical and biological methods. Only harmless and barely perceptible substances can pass through the filters.

Street filters

Hybrid activated carbon filters to provide an effective odour barrier to organic compounds in all common sewer manholes. Available for street sewers and gullies.

Street sewer filters

Stop odour emissions from all common sewer manholes.

Street drain filters

Filter malodorous gases while simultaneously permitting street water drainage.

Multi-chamber filter

Heavy-duty solution in areas with severe odour nuisances. A modular structure allows it to be tailored to requirements.


Effectively eliminates particularly severe odour nuisances.


End-of-pipe filters for normal odour nuisances for direct use on vent pipes.

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Applications include any pipe ends (e.g. private sewage treatment plants, settling tanks or roof vents).